Dandelion's Apothecary
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     Dandelion's Apothecary is a clinic, owned and operated by Patricia Sweeney, BS, LMT and Clinical Herbalist.  Our bodies have their own innate ability to heal themselves and when we are out of balance or harmony our body will send us signals that our physical, emotional and/or spiritual life needs attention.  Sometimes our bodies need help and that's where herbs & plants, diet & nutrition, exercise & sunshine can assist you in achieving your health goals. A typical consult will last 1 1/2 to 2 hours and we will thoroughly discuss all of your body systems and the harmony that they may or may not be experiencing.  I encourage you be an integral part of your own healing process and am here to educate and guide you through your transformation.  I also welcome interfacing with your Primary Care Physician for any questions or concerns they may have about my part in helping you achieve your health goals. 
     Dandelion's Apothecary is also a place where you can find Massage Therapy, Energy Work and a storefront for holistic healthcare.  The store has bulk herbs and spices, over 200 tinctures and tincture blends, pet products, natural pain relief section (arnica products, CBD, pain spray, etc.), loose & bag tea, tea making implements (tea pots, French presses, tea balls, etc.), neti pots, African market Baskets, dream catchers, crystals & stones and MORE!
     Hours are posted on the front door, Facebook, this website and on our phone answering machine weekly. We can always arrange a time to meet if the posted times don't work for you.  
Dandelion's Apothecary has been in the making since 2008 and we are happy to finally be opening our doors to the public!