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Our bodies have their own innnate ability to heal themselves and attain a state of well-being and harmony.  Sometimes we need a little help from mother nature, and Dandelion's Apothecary is a clinic to help you achieve your health goals in the most natural way possible...with the help of plants and lifestyle/nutrtional choices we can achieve balance in our health.

A new website is currently under construction and should be online in the begiining of 2021...thanks for your patience
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The storefront is open for in store browsing! Face coverings are required (needs to cover mouth and nose), social distancing from other customers, etc.
Curbside pickup is also very welcome!
This week:
Sunday      January     17th   Closed
Monday      January    18th      10:30-3
Tuesday     January    19th   Closed  Wednesday  January      20th      10:30-5
Thursday     January     21st      10:30-5
Friday         January    22nd      10:30-5   
Saturday     January    23rd      10:30-5

We are flexible to meet at different times if you need :)

 802/464-1678 or e-mail
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We are hiring storefront personnel and also need a Massage Therapist to join our team when it is time to open to the public again!